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Who are we?

At this point we have 2 podcasts, Filling in the Gaps and Buyer’s Remorse. Both are hosted by Darren and Justin. We also have an active Steam Group and Curator page.


Filling in the Gaps

Filling in the Gaps is a podcast devoted to detailed reviews and discussion of puzzle games and puzzling movies. Uploaded twice a month, each episode begins with a spoiler-free review/recommendation section. (usually about 5 minutes) After that, there is a very clear warning and then it is all spoilers from there!

Some of the movies reviewed: Upstream Color, Triangle, Coherence

Some of the games reviewed: Portal 1&2, The Talos Principle, Little Nightmares


Buyer’s Remorse

Buyer’s Remorse is a podcast in which Darren and Justin subject each other to games they already own! They take it in turn to go through the other’s Steam library, find an untouched game, and then demand an hour of play. After that they return to reveal if their bundle buying and addiction to deals has brought them a joyous buyer’s confirmation or an awful buyer’s remorse!

This podcast uploads twice a month, on alternate weeks to Filling in the Gaps.